Volunteering with Epic Homes

Here are a few ways…

  • Be a PathFinder

    Map villages and engage communities!

    Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with community members to address issues that impact their well-being.

    Pathfinding is just the beginning.

    It is through this process where we begin to understand the situation while certain thing becomes aware to us, helping us craft our next steps.

    We’ve created the Pathfinders Pathway that allows for oridnary people to participate in one of our many initiatives – Pathfinders.

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  • Be a Facilitator

    Facilitate workshops & train builders!

    We treasure the value of empowerement and that transcends in everything we do, and that includes the training of volunteers or builders.

    We provide the tools and equip our volunteers with the best knowledge and experience before allowing the volunteers to partcipate in epic activities and missions.

    Join us and help train the next generation of builders!

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  • Be an Experience Coordinator

    Coordinate an Epic experience!

    Facilitate and coordinate an events and experiences as one of our Experience Coordinators.

    Our Experience Coordinators are masters in planning an epic volunteer experience while overseeing aspects such as their wellbeing, project administration, event logistics and more.

    We’ve created the Experience Coodrinator Pathway that allows for ordinary people to participate in our flagship initiative – Epic Homes.

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  • Be a Builder

    Build a home by joining the Builder Pathway!

    Now that we have a family identified, trained volunteers and the event is beginning to take shape, its time to build!

    Take on the footsteps and challenge yourself by going through the ranks of the Builder Pathway.

    The Builder Pathway helps ordinary volunteers to extend their epic journy with us as we develop the leadership, technical and management skills through an Epic Homes build.

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