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About EPIC Homes

EPIC Homes is an initiative of EPIC Collaborative, a social enterprise designed to provide platforms for ordinary people to positively impact their community and nation.
  • E.P.I.C. stands for Extraordinary People Impacting Community
  • EPIC Homes is focused on providing homes for underprivileged Malaysians, we are currently working with Malaysia’s indigenous population, the Orang Asli. Up to 82% of Orang Asli require housing aid which is approximately 12,322 families who currently live in unsafe housing conditions[1].
  • Besides providing homes we seek to connect people to the communities they are impacting, to learn about their lives, and with that, we seek to work together in understanding the problems and challenges that they face.
  • To Ensure that every Orang Asli has a safe home within 5 years
  • To recruit and train 200,000 builders by 2018
  • To connect all 834 villages to the city through relationships built between urban and rural people
  • To have active participation from government, corporations and the general public who will be driving the initiative
EPIC is funded by:
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Private Builds
  • Private Donors/Crowdsourcing

You can fund EPIC Homes too, by visiting this page.

The EPIC Housing System

Orang Asli Matters & Identification

Getting involved

You have to be at least 18 years old.
Once a build is confirmed, we’ll make an announcement on our facebook page and website. We’ll also give everyone a heads up via our newsletter. We will inform everyone of the Registration Dates, when registration will be open to the public, and we’ll send out reminders in case you miss it. This usually happens two months before the build date. We’ll be automating this process soon through our projects page. We’ll update you on this change via facebook and our newsletter as well.
When registration opens, we usually have 30 spots per build. An online registration form is posted on our website and shared through our facebook page. Once all of those spots have been filled in via our online registration form, the form will be de-activated.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email where they will have to confirm their place and attendance for our compulsory Builder Basics Workshop under the Builder Training Programme (BTP). This is compulsory because it provides tool training for builders as well as an overview of the build schedule - and most importantly, you get to meet all of the people you’ll be staying with for three days.

Click here for more info on the BTP. Once they’ve attended the Workshop, we go for the build!
Registering for a build is a first-come-first-served affair. We don’t reserve spaces for groups or individuals – if you are looking for a private house build please contact us at info@epichome.org or visit the Fund EPIC Homes page
30 – 35 people. Too many people can make the site extremely hazardous, as well as limit movement.
What an awesome idea! Contact us at info@epichome.org

[1]Pelan Strategik Kemajuan Orang Asli 2011 ?