An Epic Home…

– Can be built in as fast as 3-4 days.
– Is designed based on modular blocks of 110 sqft.
– Is designed based on size of family and land.
– Is designed to suit the needs of the Orang Asli community.
– Is easy to understand & fun to build.

But how does it work?

Design Principles

Modular System

A modular design system allows for the flexibility and efficiency to cater different family sizes.


The house is made up of various components which are interchangeable for flexibility and allows for future modifications and improvements.

Durable & Adaptable

Designed to be durable and adaptable to different site conditions and climates.


All components are designed to be lightweight and portable to allow for transporting, particularly to remote areas.

Fast Construction

Designed to be built within a certain time-frame as it is built by everyday people. Our houses currently can be built within 3 days.

Easy to Assemble

Can be easily constructed by ordinary people with minimal training and guidance from a build manual and using basic power & hand tools.

How it Works

We empower and mobilise everyday ordinary people to come together for a common goal, to build an Epic Home for a villager or family in need.

A typical build usually takes no more than three (3) days to complete and can be done with as little as 30 volunteers with an addition of an Epic Homes Core Team that consists of a Master Builder, The Moxie Maids, Specialists and Experienc Coordinator that acts as leaders and facilitators – ensuring that each build is as successful as it can be.

The Asli House is designed to cater for different family size according to “adequate shelter” guidelines by the UN and do not believe in a one-size-fits-all model. Check here The design is to suit the lifestyles of Orang Asli families and their environment incorporating some of the traditional elements in it whilst being simple & quick to be build to ease the burden of the families to take time off from work to build their home.


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The Epic Home Process

Epic Homes identify families through Pathfinders – where we actively map and engage villages with the help of a liaison, such as an NGO or a Tok Batin (Village Chief). They are then based on a criteria list for eligibilty to form a priority list.

Once a family is verified for eligibility of a home. We create mission briefs and begin moving into discussing with potential corporates and funding the build!

The next step is to raise funds for the build through donations or fundraising campaigns through our impact platform, Sedunia!

Once a build has been confirmed, our team will begin coordinating in areas such as logistics, materials, accommodation, food & beverages and other administrative works.

While the coordination of the build is ongoing – the next step is to mobilise and prepare volunteers, both experienced and new, to build a home together with the Orang Asli.

We then conduct a 3-day build filled with fun, hardwork and an unforgettable experience to foster a genuine relationship with the Orang Asli community.

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