• A family is identified with the help of a liaison, such as an NGO or a Tok Batin (Village Head). They are then based on a criteria list for eligibility.

  • Once a family is verified for the eligibility of a home, a Master Builder is assigned to the village to conduct a community buy-in and to consult the family on their needs and future home.

  • The next step is to raise funds or homes through donations, crowd funding, awesome sponsors and partners or rewarding corporate team-building packages.

  • The next step is to mobilise and prepare builders, both experienced and new, to build a home together with the Orang Asli homeowner.

  • We then conduct a 3-day build filled with fun, hardwork, and an unforgettable experience to kick-start genuine relationships.

  • Once the house has been completed the family can instantly move in. The team and its builders hold a last cheer and the house is formally handed over to the family.

  • After the family has settled into their new humble abode our team wioll return to inspect the house and make sure everything is in order and continue to keep in touch with the family while forming an unbreakable bond of friendship.