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Transforming Lives.

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UNDP estimates that 34% of Orang Asli live in poverty, equivalent one third of their population. Owning a home is their core need.


Orang Asli families live in unsafe housing conditions*


Orang Asli in need of housing aid*


Orang Asli classified as hardcore poor*


Orang Asli classified as poor*

*Reference: Pelan Strategik Kemajuan Orang Asli, 2011

Our Approach

We believe that the answer to solving this issue comes from collaboration, working together to uncover new solutions and opportunities.

The EPIC Homes programme is designed to develop support networks by bringing together rural and urban folk through the act of building homes, leading to the development of  cooperative, resilient and sustainable communities.

Over 100+ homes built
Over 10+ Villages
Over 5000+ Builders

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