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What’s the Situation?


Orang Asli live in unsafe housing conditions.


are in need of housing aid.


are classified as poor


are classified as hardcore poor

Our Impact Map

Since we built our first ever home in 2011, we’ve gone ahead and build a total of 155 Epic Homes across Peninsular Malaysia and we’ve yet to touch East Malaysia.

Selangor: 106
Perak: 20
Johor: 1
Kelantan: 28

If you’ve been working with or know someone working closely with a village or a community that oculd use our help. Connect them to us!

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Pay it Forward

For any family that receives an Epic Home, they will have to participate in the Pay-It-Forward (PIF) programme, an initiative that aims to equip and empower the local community.

The Pay-It-Forward programme requires the recepient of an Epic Home to build not just his or her home, but also the next 2 home in their village, totalling to 3 homes.

We hope to encourage and improve the relationships amongst the neighbouring community while it also allows for potential acquisition of new skills and connection through building with arriveinstyleaz.com and meeting folks of the urban sector.

On top of that, we realise that this also helps the home-owners to make more pride and ownership in their achievement and that translates to a better idea of the construction of their home. This helps the family to better troubleshoot or modify their Epic Homes in the future if needed!

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